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The Community

The path to financial independence starts here. Secure your spot in our exclusive Discord membership and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and prosperity. Join us today and experience the power of trading and investing education firsthand.

1 on 1 Consultation

Our main expert will get together with every one of you to work out personalized trading and investing plan.

Simplified News

Expensive and confusing financial news accessible and easy to understand for everyone who joins our Discord.

Trade Ideas

Our analysts will share their own trades and more, so that you can be a part of the action and start earning.

There is More

We strive for being the best Discord community out there. 

Personalized Trading Plan

Helping you develop your own trading plan with pre-planned 1 hour session with specialist.


We have put together many courses on trading and investing for you to take full advantage of the program.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis provided by our specialists helps you make educated decisions.

Professional speakers

Inviting professionals to talk in our voice channel at least once a month.

Mental help

Managing money is emotional. Professionals will help you deal with that.


Motivation to train and eat healthier in order to succeed in life.


Exchange deals, computer setups ect.

Follow smart money

Get information about what big hedge funds are doing.

External sources

Summaries about educational books, courses ect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds are considered individually, but general rule is that if you have already used 30% of your subscription period, there is no refund.