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Simple Markets is a trading community created with the aim of uniting struggling traders and assisting them in achieving success in volatile markets. Our mission is to aid each individual in developing their own backtested trading strategy, thus empowering them to navigate the complexities of trading with confidence and efficiency.

Who would benefit the most by joining our community

If you’ve been trading for a while but find it challenging to maintain consistent profitability, I’m here to offer assistance. Together, we can collaborate on crafting your personalized trading strategy. Through backtesting various ideas during a Zoom call, we’ll work towards refining your approach and enhancing your trading performance.

Proven strategies

Get notified of strategies that actually work and are easy to follow. See the data behind every strategy.

Simplified news

Financial news can be hard to understand. We make financial articles easy to understand for everyone.

Technical analysis

Daily updates on changing market conditions. Our technical analysis helps you make educated decisions.

Investment ideas

Updates on new emerging markets. Put your money to work with the help of experts in their field.

1 on 1 Communication

Our group is small for a reason. We take time to work out right trading and investing strategy specialized for you.

My story

Pleasure to meet you, I’m Erik Orastu. With seven years of trading experience under my belt, I’ve weathered my fair share of challenges. It’s through these trials that I’ve gained invaluable insights to assist you in overcoming obstacles on your journey to becoming a successful trader. I’ve successfully grown my trading portfolio from 20000$ to 150000$. Prior to trading, I was an average blue-collar worker, illustrating that with determination, anyone can achieve similar success.

Here is one of our trades posted in advance:

Kristjan Kallikorm
Kristjan Kallikorm
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This community stands out to its name. Even for a beginner trader, things can be really made stupid simple. I would say that Simple Markets has something for everyone, even if you are a bigger bidder or a small staker.
Martin Aadli
Martin Aadli
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Tight-knit community working together towards financial freedom. Different strategies to choose from and learn valuable skills while working towards your goals. If you need any advice be sure to ask any of the SM members!
Carl Sooär
Carl Sooär
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I can't believe how much I've learned since joining this community. Erik goes above and beyond to ensure everyone understands the material, and the support from fellow members is unparalleled. The resources provided are comprehensive, and the regular webinars and workshops are incredibly insightful. If you're serious about taking your trading skills to the next level, look no further than this fantastic community!

Limited spots

To provide personalized attention to each individual, I’m limiting my management to just 50 people. Crafting tailored trading plans requires considerable time and effort, and I’m committed to dedicating time to every member of my management. This approach ensures that each person receives the attention and support they need to succeed in their trading endeavors.

20 spots left

Money-back guarantee

I am confident that the value you’ll receive far exceeds the price you pay. As such, I stand behind my commitment to excellence by offering full refunds to anyone who requests one.

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